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Federal Retirement Planning

Surprisingly, Federal retirement benefits are exceptionally complicated. Not only are there multiple programs employees can fall under, each one has its own set of complex rules that can dramatically impact your future if not handles with extensive knowledge.

Chartered Federal Employee Consultants℠ have extensive knowledge about FERS, CSRS and Special Provisions (LEO, FF, ATC, CBPO, MRT) and can provide answers to your questions about your TSP, FEGLI, Social Security.

As a Federal employee, there are many options that can arise in your retirement plan that can have lasting impact on your future including:

What date should I retire?

  • This may sound like a silly question, but as a Federal employee, retiring on the wrong day of the month can literally mean the loss of a month of hard-earned benefits.

What can I do with my unused sick leave?

  • As a Federal employee you can sometimes use unused sick leave to increase your retirement benefits, or you can take it when you leave. Deciding which way to go can have a big impact on your finances in the long run.

Should I take the Life-Only or Spousal Benefit option?

  • Although each person's situation is different, many people in the private sector choose the spousal benefit option, and for good reason. But that might not be the right choice for Federal employees because there are a lot of variable to consider and even which pension program you're a part of. We will work with you to consider all of the variables and your entire situation, including things like other sources of income, your health, the age difference between spouse and more.

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