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Tax Planning Strategies

Almost every financial action may have tax consequences that could affect your decisions.

Our wealth advisors will provide skillful tax planning that includes a review of your tax return to highlight opportunities to maximize tax reduction strategies, offer recommendations of tax solutions including tax advantage investments, cost basis calculation and reviewing new tax laws that may affect your personal situation.

Can Taxes Scramble Your Nest Egg?

Proactive tax planning can help your retirement income last longer.

When it comes to retirement planning, we typically tally up our daily expenses – housing, transportation, utilities, food... Read More

Laying the Groundwork for Tax Season

Smart moves at the beginning of tax season can help get your financial house in order.

Contrary to popular belief, tax planning isn’t limited to the months between year-end and April 15. In fact, smart tax planning goes beyond deductions and credits and should be... Read More

Planning for Proposed Tax Changes

The new administration has proposed reform that may potentially impact individual income taxes, transfer taxes, and business income taxes.

Tax Snapshot Reports Now Available

The Tax Snapshot report is intended to provide you (and your CPA) with a basic year-to-date view of information that would typically be found on a 1099 report.

While not an exact replica of the 1099 report, this information will help you to assess potential tax implications for the current year and make plans accordingly. Call our office to schedule an appointment with your advisor: (605) 352-9490 in Huron or (605)357-8553 in Sioux Falls or email

Raymond James does not provide tax planning services