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At Cornerstone, we offer a number of online tools to help you know where you stand – from wherever you’re standing. Each of these tools are designed to put instant insight and control at your fingertips.

Client Access

Stay up to date on all of your financial accounts by accessing Client Access. Client Access allows you to track your asset allocation, view your fund selections, see how funds are performing, and access market information. Client Access also offers Bill Pay and the ability to transfer funds between your accounts.


Vault is a free and secure online tool within Client Access where you can upload, store and organize digital copies of vital documents, and collaborate with us by viewing documents and comment back and forth. 


You can review, sign and return important financial documents to our office quickly and securely without having to leave home!

To begin the process of electronically signing documents, you'll need access to your email and to text-enabled messaging on your mobile phone. (Note: Text and data charges may apply depending on your carrier and plan.)

Ask your advisor support representative or view this guide to help walk you through the process.

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